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Patrick Sibilio joined exigo s.a. on June 1st 2021 as Senior IT Architect and CISO.

Kenneth Garvey joined exigo s.a. on March 15th 2021 as Senior IT Architect.

Daniel Szyller joined exigo s.a. on March 1st 2021 as Senior Sales Executive.

Pierre-Eric Balboni joined exigo s.a. on January 1st 2021 as Senior IT Database Consultant.

Christian Risch joined exigo s.a. on November 1st 2020 as IT Support Consultant.

Rimi Guha joined exigo s.a. on October 1st 2020 as Consultant and CIPP/E.

Gaëlle Gammaitoni joined exigo s.a. on September 1st 2020 as Data Protection and Privacy Consultant.

Catalin Anton joined exigo s.a. on August 1st 2020 as Senior IT Security Architect.

Stéphanie Aubaud joined exigo s.a. on December 1st 2019 as Senior Consultant.

Andreas Rhein joined exigo s.a. on November 1st 2019 as Senior Consultant.


Customers want more efficient solutions with a high degree of personalization.
Within 10 years exigo s.a. evolved from a company focused on providing consulting services around core banking solutions to a much broader, enterprise-wide portfolio of services including business professional services, IT professional services and pure technology-centric services.

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Marco Simon joined exigo s.a. as System Engineer in January 2016. Today he shares his insight about IBM Notes, one of his many skills, as well as his experience.
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Frank Back took over exigo s.a. in 2013.